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How To Negotiate A Contract

In this “how to” video, I am going to show you how to negotiate your contract. Think of the Negotiation Portal as a mix between a Word doc and Google docs. It looks like a Word doc that you can edit, and see real-time edits, like a Google doc.

After you open the contract, you can put your curser anywhere and start typing. Again, the edits will be in real-time so say your counterparty had the same screen open, they’d see those changes as you are making them! How cool, and fast is that?

And once you make a change, your counterparty must be the one to accept or reject those edits. And same thing if your counterparty makes a change – only you or your team will be able to accept them.

Negotiating a contract has never been easier – and no more worrying about red lines being turned on.