PlainVanilla makes NDAs easy.

We shrink the time and headache people and companies spend on NDAs by starting everyone as close to the finish line as possible.

PlainVanilla is for everyone.

Small Businesses
& Individuals

Medium & Large


NDAs should be this simple

We’ve worked with industry experts to carefully craft a balanced NDA with everything that’s required and no hidden surprises. In most cases you can sign without making any changes.

When changes are needed they’re as simple as typing. You and the person you’re negotiating with can see it all in real time, so there’s no need for emails and versions.

Fill out you or your company’s initial information once. We’ll use this information every time you create a contract so you never need to fill it in again.

Click “Send New NDA” and enter an email address.

PlainVanilla takes care of the rest by using the PlainVanilla NDA template to create a contract that is easily agreed to by both parties.

About PlainVanilla

PlainVanilla was built by a group of entrepreneurs who have experienced with the challenges of creating, negotiating, and storing contracts. We’ve been at large companies and had good ideas perish because we couldn’t get an NDA in place in time. We’ve been in medium sized companies and had to sign new NDAs because no one could find the old one we were pretty sure existed, and we’ve founded companies and had to spend hundreds of dollars negotiating an NDA when we really wanted to spend that money developing our product. We’ve been in finance and seen the challenges investment banks face when managing a sell-side process and trying to coordinate dozens of NDAs simultaneously.

After years of living the problem we started talking to other people. As it turns out, everyone recognizes that NDAs can be important and no one likes spending time on them. So, we set out to find a better way by talking to companies, private equity groups, investment banks, and law firms. We’re always looking to get better, so please shoot us a note if you’d like to share your experience. We can be reached at