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How To Manage Templates

In this “how to” video, I am going to show you how to set up and edit your templates.

Go to your “manage templates” section. There is where you’ll have the option to upload a template or create a new one from scratch.

First, uploading an existing template. Click “upload template”, name your template and choose the file. Open the “working version”. This is the version that allows you to make edits and changes.

Once you are happy with your edits to the template, hit “save as’, check the “overwrite previous version” if you want this to be your published version. If you are looking to make another version of the template, simply give it a new name and hit save. Viola. There you have it. Your published version will be available for you in the drop-down menu when you go to send a contract.

Oh, and you can come back to these templates at any time and make changes at any time.