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How To Set Up User Controls

In this “how to” video, I am going to show you how to set user controls. This is where you give your team the appropriate permissions inside the platform.

At the very top, select “users”. If you need to invite a user to the platform, hit “send invitation”, type in the email address and hit send. So easy!

Now, to give them the right settings, simple turn the toggle green to give them access.

If a user is active, they have the ability to see everything, they just cannot do anything.

Send templates means the user has permission to send templates as the published version. They are not allowed to make any changes.

Edit and sign gives them permission to do just that.

Analytics is cool, but there really isn’t any harm in giving someone access.

Private – those contracts that are set to private won’t exist for those who do not have private permission.

The last setting, is very critical. This setting – data points and templates – allows the user to make changes to your templates and create custom data points.

No matter what – you have your settings covered.