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How To Use Your Clause Library

In this “how to” video, I am going to show you how to add a clause into a contract and give you some background information on your clause library.

Every time you execute a contract within the PlainVanilla – our sophisticated AI keeps adding to your personal clause library.

Inside a contract, simply click “insert clause”. This will take you to your library. If you want to insert a blank clause and type from scratch just toggle over “blank clause” and pick where you want it in the contract.

Back to the library, pick a keyword to start searching – and all the relevant clauses with those words will populate. You can choose which one you’d like to select. We show you how many times a clause has been used, and with who. And you can highlight the clause and preview the text below. Then pick where you want to clause to go, and viola – new clause inserted. You can also make any edits to this clause as necessary – the same way you’d do in any other clause.

No more writing clauses from scratch!