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Frequently Asked Questions  

Click the link in the email, create a password to protect the contract, and fill in your legal entity information (name, address, etc. - nothing confidential) so that we can correctly fill in the contract for you. Then read through the contract, make changes if needed, and sign. That’s it!

Just click “Upload It” on the lower right of the contract page

Your counterparty will receive an email asking them to create a password to protect your contract and create a legal entity so the information in the contract can be filled in correctly. That’s it. It all takes about 30 seconds. We never charge the person you send a contract to.

In PlainVanilla, all you have to do is click the “Start New Contract” button on your home page, put in the recipient’s email address, and select the contract you want to send them from the drop down.

Whenever someone makes a change we automatically track it with a little bubble. If the contract has already been sent then the other party always needs to sign off on the edit. This way everyone always knows what’s in an agreement.

Go to Manage Templates and click “Upload.”

You can always edit a contract before you send it. All you have to do is click “Preview/Edit” before sending your contract.

Your credit card will be charged on a monthly basis.

Just open your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge) and go to www.plainvanilla.co and log in. That’s it. You don’t need to download an app.

You can change a contract at any point. Just place your cursor and start typing. The other party will be able to see and approve any changes.

Everyone sees the same thing and has access to the same tools with two exceptions. First, if you have sent over one of your contracts and not a PlainVanilla Contract then your Counterparty won’t get access to your analytics – those are private to you. Second, if the contract is set up to be non-negotiable then the counterparty won’t be able to make changes.

You’ll get an email letting you know when there’s been a change to a contract so you can go take a look.

You can download any contract by clicking “Print” or “Download” at any point.

Go to the Users page and type in the person’s email address. You’ll also want to set up their permissions while you’re at it.

You can be up and running in a couple of minutes. You just need to create an account and entity, and might need to upload a contract you’re using if you aren’t using our PlainVanilla agreement. After that you can invite your teammates and send contracts.

PlainVanilla automatically tracks the expiration date, term, renewal date, and renewal periods of all of your contracts. We’ll send you an email 30 days before your contracts expire.

Yes. Electronic signature is at the bottom of the agreement. Just scroll down, click, and sign.


PlainVanilla contracts are balanced agreements

Your first 5 contracts are free and $2 a contract after that unless you have a discount code. We only charge the person who sent the contract and never the person who received it.

You can! We know that each circumstance is unique, so the ability to make changes is key. All you need to do is start typing to make the agreement cover what you need it to.

The recipient gets an email letting them know that they have a contract from you. They click a link in the email, create a password so they can access the contract, and then they can read the contract, make changes if they’re needed, and sign.

Our clause analysis lets you click a button at any point and see if your changes are normal, or unusual. For example, if you change the term of the PlainVanilla NDA from 2 years to 3 years, we’ll be able to tell you that 6% of the NDAs have that term.

We blank out important information like you and your counterparty’s names so that your contract can’t be linked back to you.

You can always opt out of sharing your data, but you won’t be able to access PlainVanilla Analytics if you do so.