Investment Banks

PlainVanilla gets potential acquirers into data rooms more quickly with better visibility and with fewer headaches.

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We get it. We’ve been in M&A. Today launching a sell-side process can mean getting anywhere from 7 to 700 NDAs signed and managing them can be a bear. We make coordinating between inhouse counsel, bank, and law firms seamless by giving everyone real-time access to the same document and the ability to negotiate it simultaneously. We also make it easy to know who worked on an NDA last and therefore who needs to turn the document next. We also show if the NDA is waiting on a signature from one of the parties and if the document hasn’t been edited yet.

Finally, we put all of this information into a real-time searchable table so your associates no longer need to keep a spreadsheet.

We do everything we can to get the parties to an NDA they’re both happy to sign. For example, if you have a portfolio company of a PE group and a potential acquirer is another PE group there’s a really, really, really good chance they’ve signed an NDA before. We take a look and see if the person sending and receiving the NDA have access to the same previously signed NDA. If they do, we give them the option to start with that contract the two of them have agreed to previously. They might be able to sign it right away, or they might need to tinker around the edges, but it’s a much better starting point.

All of these important pieces mean you need to send fewer emails, manage fewer spreadsheets, and get potential acquirers into data rooms more quickly, which keeps your deal on track.