Purpose built for sell-side transactions

Here’s how we do it.

The Bank sends Teasers through us, PlainVanilla

PlainVanilla tracks how many times a Teaser has been opened so you know how engaged a Buyer is

If a Buyer doesn’t engage with the Teaser,

The Bank can call to get them on board.

Interested Buyers can click within the email to request an NDA

The Bank responds just as easily

Everyone sees the NDA in real time

And they all negotiate without sending a flurry of emails.

When everyone has signed off,

There's no delay, as E-signatures are integrated into the agreement

And you're ready to send the CIM

And let Buyers into the Data Room.

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Less Deal Risk
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Fewer Mistakes
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Happier Clients
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Better Coordination
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About a Billion Fewer Emails

Know if your teaser has been opened and how much interest it’s gotten.


Don’t let your NDA slip

We reduce deal risk by getting acquirers into data rooms more quickly.

Slow NDAs mean

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Late Bids

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Slows Deal

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Rushed Bids

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Low Confidence

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Lost Bids

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Lost Buyers

Real-time contract visibility streamlines coordination.

Bankers, buyers, sellers, internal and external counsel and sponsors all get the visibility they need

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platform screenshot in mobile

Negotiate and collaborate in the platform, all in real time.

See edits made by others. Accept or reject edits seamlessly. Do it from your phone.

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Start tracking smarter.

3:30 in the morning is for sleeping, not building NDA tracking files that are always out of date.

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Stop having the same negotiations over and over.

Save time by starting with previously signed NDAs, and tweak them for the deal at hand.

Seeing is believing. Take a quick tour.