Frequently Asked Questions.

Signing an NDA with PlainVanilla is simple and free.

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The PlainVanilla NDA

We’ve worked with industry experts to carefully craft a balanced NDA with everything that’s required and no hidden surprises to make a contract that covers majority of circumstances. Our goal to shrink the amount of time people and companies spend on NDAs, so we start everyone as close as we can to the finish line.

Optional Clauses

We’ve taken a novel approach to legal concepts that are needed in specific industries and circumstances, but aren’t necessary 100% of the time. Export Compliance, for example, is important for companies that work in Aerospace and Defense, but isn’t that important to other industries. So, there’s a button in the NDA to insert a clause that covers this topic with a single click. Naturally, you can edit the text after you add it.

Negotiation and Changes

The PlainVanilla NDA and the Optional Clauses are great, but there are still circumstances that are different. After all, each interaction between businesses is unique. So, we make it easy to edit virtually every word in the contract. The only exceptions are things like titles and the counterparty’s address that don’t need to be changed.


PlainVanilla has strong measures in place to protect our clients' information. All data between the user's browsers and our servers is sent via HTTPS / TLS. All user data is stored in databases that utilize "encryption at rest" policies. Access to user data and PlainVanilla servers is limited via fine-grained access control.

We don’t sell your information. Ever.

PlainVanilla will never sell your information to another party or use it for any reason other than providing this platform.

Downloading Contracts

You can download a PDF of any contract whether it’s signed or unsigned. Just click the PDF button when you access a contract.

Do I have to start with the PlainVanilla NDA?

No. If you’ve signed an NDA with another person previously, we give you the option to start with that NDA. This feature means you’re that much closer to a signed NDA and continuing your confidential conversation.

User Permissions

We make it easy to manage who can do what.

Private NDAs

There are some NDAs where it isn’t a problem if they’re seen by the entire organization. There are also some NDAs that should only be visible to a couple of people. PlainVanilla has controls that can restrict visibility of an NDA to just the users that can view Private NDAs. All you need to do is designate an NDA as Private before you send it.


PlainVanilla can integrate with other systems upon request. Additional fees may be required.