Create an NDA in moments.

Signing an NDA with PlainVanilla is simple and free.

Get Started

How it works

Provide Information

Provide PlainVanilla with information about yourself and your legal entity (which is either a company or a person) that we will use to fill in your contracts. You only need to do this once.

Choose an Email Address

When you click “Send New NDA” we will ask you for the email address of the person you’re sending it to. Type in their address and click “Send.”

PlainVanilla Works Magic

PlainVanilla creates your NDA by taking our PlainVanilla NDA template and automatically fills in information like names and addresses for both you and the person or business you sent it to. That’s it!

Negotiate NDA

Negotiation only takes a moment. Just start typing in the contract and the changes are shared with both parties in real time.

Accept Changes

There’s nothing worse than not being 100% sure you know what’s in a contract. We sure you know every word by requiring the person who didn’t make the change accept the edit. Oh, we also have a button that shows you all the changes instantly.

Electronically Sign

Once all the changes have been agreed to by both parties you sign the document by simply clicking "Sign" and then "Confirm." Your electronic signature is already integrated into the document. You’re done! We’ve archived the document and run analytics automatically.